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the next chapter: ithaca college.

I’m sitting here in my tiny little single Towers dorm room feeling completely satisfied with myself. I just finished picking up books, emailing professors, and cleaning and doing dishes.

My parents said goodbye earlier today, after a lovely lunch at Sahara with Zane. The goodbye was bittersweet– it’s the end of a chapter in our lives, but the beginning of a new one for all of us. While I’m going to miss them so much (tearing up again now!) I also know that, as I said in my last post, this is my biggest adventure yet. I’m very excited.

Yesterday we unloaded all of my stuff into this tiny dorm room. It’s very small, really more like a closet, but it has everything I need to keep me happy–a coffeemaker, my computer, and my phone. After my parents left last night, I met up with some friends from orientation, and we explored the campus. I think my favorite part of the whole campus is the pond–there’s a dock and a little island that you can walk out on, and a trail of rocks that take you across the pond (which I don’t recommend doing because you’ll get covered in mud.) Today has been quiet and relaxed, but I think I’m going to have another campus adventure tonight with some friends. I’ll keep you posted!

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