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Eight months ago, my parents dropped me off at Ithaca College. It was the first time I’ve seen my dad cry, the first time I’d been on my own, and probably the most nervous for anything I’d ever been.

That day still seems like yesterday, yet here I am with less than four weeks of classes left (and less than four weeks until finals…) in my freshman year. It has been a crazy, busy semester–so much so that I’ve barely had time to write or reflect.

So… Things I’ve learned from my freshman year:

  1. I’m really good at college.

  2. …except college math.

  3. Just because you have the unlimited meal plan does not mean you have to eat an unlimited amount of meals every day.

  4. You are now.

  5. Time is a weird thing. Some days feel like weeks and some weeks–especially at the end of the year–seem like days. And the best days and weeks never last long enough.

Now that freshman year is coming to a close, I’m looking toward the future. For now my future is just studying for finals and trying to cram those last few projects into my schedule. But soon I’ll be at Camp Schodack, where I’m working as a camp counselor for the summer. And after camp I’m coming straight back to Ithaca to move into my new house (YES, MY HOUSE!) and start my sophomore year at Ithaca as an IMC major.

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